English Language – Overview


Whatever are your plans for the future, you would significantly benefit from the ability to speak English.  English Courses in the UK open new horizons in both professional and private life, help in achieving any goal, whether that means getting  the prestigious British Education, career development, business traveling or opportunity to get more advantages from holidays abroad. English language courses encourage making new friends from all over the world, getting to know their culture and traditions, and finally plunge into rich cultural and historical heritage of England. The range of English courses in the UK is much wider than anywhere else in the world, so the students can be sure, that the course will meet their needs and purposes.

All programmes offered by Brit Education and Travel are accredited by the British Council and/or by English UK and they are UKBA Trusted or Highly Trusted Sponsors  those are internationally recognised accreditation schemes of educational establishment offering courses to children and adults from all over the world. Accredited centres are regularly inspected and meet a range of quality standards. 

Choosing English course in the UK depends on your goals and objectives, as well as the time and money you have. You may study General, Special or Academic English at all levels. You can select the city and the region from the south coast of England to the north of Scotland and Wales, depending on your personal preferences.

For more details and enquires regarding Language course choice and organisation, including accommodation, transfers, leisure time or any other assistance, please contact us