Brit Education & Travel is constantly developing its range of services tailor made to client’s specific needs. We are now pleased to introduce one to one lessons with experienced tutors who will thoroughly assess each child individually and deliver a professional educational programme pinpointing all the main gaps in pupil’s knowledge.

Our tutors will provide a private tuition for children of different age pursuing different purpose:

– Children under age of seven who need some help and reassurance before their very first step in school. A tutor will carefully prepare a child for his first days as a pupil helping him smoothly integrate into a schooling system.

– Pupils age 10+ who would need some extra preparation in their key school subjects.

– Senior pupils who need to prepare for their GCSE exams and A-levels. Tutor will in depth work with his tutee on exam techniques and pinpoint the main key stages of successful preparation

– Students who are undertaking higher education course.

Our tutors cover all ages and share their knowledge in various subjects by ways of tuition at home and via Skype.

Why tutoring?

There are many reasons why private tutoring is booming nowadays, but most important it works and helps a pupil to indicate his main gaps in knowledge.

Perfect learning condition with no disruptions, full time of the tutor dedicated personally to your child, a constant thorough practice and evaluation of mistakes, assessment of child’s progression are only some main advantages of private tutoring.

How do individual lessons with a tutor work?

A tutor will highlight the gaps in knowledge of a child and arrange a tailor made programme.

In the first lesson, a private tutor will interview a child and assess his knowledge to determine specific areas that need extra work. A tutor will also request and examine school reports and teacher’s comments that will help to create a structured tuition programme.

Throughout the whole process of tutoring, we will provide a set of reports from a tutor to indicate the outcome of the lessons and the scale of progress made. This coupled with a further assessment of a report from child’s current school/college/university will help to make a thorough analyse of the results.

A tutor will not only arrange and deliver a carefully structured tuition programme, set the goals for his tutees and help them to achieve these set targets, but also motivate and inspire the pupils and make them to achieve their highest potential.

Our tutors

Brit Education & Travel is working with qualified tutors and we are constantly receiving new candidates who can share their expertise with the pupils. If you enjoy educating and inspiring pupils to fulfil their highest potential, please contact us. Exciting placements are on offer in London and further afield.

What is next?

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